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We are delighted to have been named as Sainsbury, Marsh Mills Charity of the year for 2014-2015. It is going to be a very exciting year as this opportunity not only provides additional funds but gives us an opportunity of working in partnership with the staff at Sainsbury to promote our Charity and recruit new Athletes who maybe had not previously heard of us. So watch out for us in store during this year, see more at Continue reading


We have received the exciting news that we have been awarded a £5000 Community Grant from Santander for us to purchase equipment for our Wednesday Club held at YMCA Plymouth, Honicknowle. Stuart Jones our Volunteer Sports Lead said “This is brilliant news as it will enable us to buy new or specialist equipment which means our Athletes get to try new Sports and will also give us an opportunity to replace some existing equipment”.


Winning the Community Group Award at the Pride of Plymouth has brought about an unexpected bonus, Wolferstans ( sponsored this award and following being announced as the winners, they wanted to find out more about us. This has led to us being their Charity of the Year for 2014 which is very exciting . There are plans to start the year off with a competition between the staff at Wolferstans and our Athletes For more information about our year see the Sponsorship page and forthcoming activities with Wolferstans on our Event page.