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Our Mission, Aims & Values


To create sustainable sports opportunities for people with an Intellectual (Learning) Disability in Plymouth and surrounding area for their enjoyment and become potential Athletes for Special Olympics at Local, Regional, National or International Competitions.

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  • Provide a weekly Multi Sports Club for anybody with an Intellectual  (Learning) Disability in the Plymouth & surrounding area
  • Work with Local organisations and bodies to further develop our objectives as laid down in the SOPD Business Plan
  • Organise Local Competitions and enter Regional Competitions
  • Assist the Athletes who want to excel in their chosen sport to participate, train and compete in order for possible selection by SOGB for National and International competitions
  • Assist  Athletes to further develop social  skills and build friendships through the medium of sport
  • Train & support our Volunteers/Coaches and provide the opportunity to attain coaching qualifications as appropriate


  • Promote good sportsmanship, expect Fair Play and ensure respect at all times
  • Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Value the time, skills and expertise that Volunteers/Coaches bring to SOPD
  • Encourage suggestions and recommendations from Athletes, Volunteers and Coaches to improve SOPD