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Can’t Do or CAN DO?

We like to focus on what our Athletes CAN DO we are finding that our Athletes are gaining more and more confidence in their abilities after they have been attending 'The Wednesday Club' suddenly after years of thinking that they couldn’t enjoy all the benefits that Sport can bring; they are now realising that they can.

Our Athletes may not have the longest concentration, they may not have the best ability but what they do have is great enthusiasm and an understanding of what it feels like to compete. They all love to celebrate a Win even if sometimes it is not always them.

In Competitions Athletes are divisioned based on their comprehension of the game so they would always be competing with people of a similar Intellectual Ability.

Our Motto is ‘Ability not Disability’ we offer many different types of Sport and we have Specialist Equipment so that games can be adapted to cater for all types of ability.

We are very happy to come out to Organisations and give talks and presentations about Special Olympics and our club if you think this would be of interest to you then please contact us to arrange.

SOPD Athletes and Parents